Lumen – Associazione Lumen APS

Lumen is an association for social promotion that develops the activities of Casa Corsini, a poli-functional center of the Municipality of Fiorano Modenese, where children, young people and adults can gather new opportunities of education, growth, and collaboration.
In particular, Lumen carries out the following activities:

  • STEAM Education workshops for children aged 6-14: coding, robotics, tinkering, electronics, 3d printing, etc.
  • Projects with schools of primary, lower secondary and upper secondary level about STEAM Education, new technologies, sustainable development
  • Social initiatives involving new technologies and STEAM Education workshops for people with disabilities and immigrants
  • Planning and management of regional, national and European projects
    Lumen promotes social and collaborative innovation, soft skills development, a conscious and responsible use of new technologies, equal opportunities and fight against discriminations.