Involvement of teachers from the schools of Modena, Carpi, and Maranello to the On-Off Project

ON-OFF, the European project that aims to create an intervention model to combat gender-based violence online for the benefit of teachers and educators, is expanding. After a few middle schools in Fiorano and Maranello, teachers from the Ferrari high schools in Maranello and Venturi in Modena, the Fanti high school in Carpi, Ipsia Vallauri in Carpi, and other realities in the area also joined the initiative.

In recent months, materials, presentations, and communication models have been developed to support teachers in informing and sensitizing young people on the issue of gender-based violence online. 6 subjects from 5 European countries are involved in ON-OFF: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Spain, and Italy. 
Lumen, the social promotion association that develops the activities of Casa Corsini, is involved in the project.