ON-OFF, experimentation of the European project against online gender violence closed

About 200 girls and boys from the ceramic district participated.

The experimentation phase of ON-OFF, the European project against online gender violence, which involved about two hundred girls and boys from the ceramic district, has closed. Participants, in schools or aggregation centers, tested the lessons and experiences made by experts and conducted by teachers or educators. All participants completed a pre and post experience questionnaire to assess the impact of the project on knowledge and awareness of the problem.

The questionnaires, the Italian ones as well as those collected by the European partners of ON-OFF, will now be screened and analyzed to improve the design materials based on experience.

Among the realities of the territory that participated in the project are the Babele Group of Fiorano, the IIS Ferrari of Maranello and several first grade secondary schools: the Galileo of Maranello, the Leopardi and Bursi of the Floranese municipal area. The Lumen association, active at Casa Corsini in Fiorano, is the leader of the initiative that involves several European countries such as Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece and Spain. The project aims to create an intervention model to combat gender-based violence online for the benefit of European teachers and educators; at the end of the course, all the materials created will be available online in 5 different languages ​​on a freely usable platform.