Interfusion Services

Our research expertise in addressing and further exploring issues with a socio-economic and cultural related impact as well as our strong network and direct collaboration with a significant number of non-profit organizations and public institutions in Cyprus can be quite helpful for a range of activities beyond research & analysis within the local context (training, workshops, awareness raising, analysis and identification of established processes & practices in the Local Context, etc.)

Plus, Interfusion manages to preserve an extended network of educational organizations /Institutions & relevant entities in the island. The most noticeable of these can be considered:) the Cypriot Youth Organization which acts also as an umbrella organization for smaller initiates working with younger target groups within the education sector, the Cyprus Ministry of Education, the Dept. of Education of the University of Cyprus in Nicosia and the grass-roots initiative UpCycle Club in Limassol.

All the above can act as complementary to the workings envisioned within the project and provide valuable insights and assistance for the activities envisioned within the project.  Continuing activities relevant to the Project’s goals include:

  • Interdisciplinary research & analysis into the ongoing process of the ways which today’s societal challenges affect the educational environment of the island
  • Offering a complete and “holistic” training experience to locally based educators, to support their ongoing workings
  • Constant training and informing stakeholders (policy makers, potential funders, local administrators) to provide skills in evaluation and supporting educational related ideas, promoting the full potential of cross-sectoral and local development of the sector, with a special regard to cooperation at European level among local policy makers in the field
  • Encouraging the adoption of ICT and visual applications to promote in order to enhance the educational level of the island whilst tackling contemporary pedagogical issues
  • Promoting the best use of communication means for information, publicity and development in promoting issues among which the educational uplifting is a central field
  • Elevating public awareness on relevant issues through a variety of mediums