Online Training For Greek Teachers

InterMediaKT organizes the educational workshop “The spectroscope of online violence” on 6-9 May at 11:00-15:00. Reflecting on the dimensions of cyberbullying and gender-based violence, we are looking for up to 16 educators working with children and adolescents and teachers working in Primary and Secondary Education.

Through this workshop, participants will learn how they can help prevent gender-based online violence and how they can work against racial stereotypes.

For this reason, we have designed a non-formal intervention model which is based on innovative and digital educational methodologies and will be presented during the workshops.

The workshop is addressed to trainers and teachers of the public and private sector with trainees and / or students aged 10-17 years.

For more information about the workshop and the daily program, please visit this link!

Entry submission form (until Thursday, April 22)!