Lumen press release – KOM Conference

In Fiorano Modenese a seminar to launch the European ON-OFF project against online gender violence and a lesson by prof. Felts.
Thursday 16 January from 18.30 at Casa Corsini di Spezzano, the innovation hub of the Municipality of Fiorano Modenese, the evening “On the side of women” is scheduled, a seminar to launch the European ON-OFF project, of which the Lumen association is the leader.

It begins with the presentation of the project, in the interventions of Alice Toni (Lumen Association), Milena Kadieva (G.A.F. – Bulgaria), Konstantinos Kyritsis (G.S.N. – Greece). Following, from about 7.15 pm, the lesson “The courage of Franca (and all the others) – Violence against women in history” by prof. Francesco Maria Feltri. A buffet for participants is available at the end of the intervention.

The European ON-OFF project aims to create an intervention model to combat online gender violence and the objectification of the female figure for the benefit of European teachers and educators. In total, 700 children and 90 teachers and educators from the participating territories will be involved, including Fiorano Modenese.

6 subjects from 5 European countries are involved in the project: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Spain and Italy. And Italian, indeed “Floranese”, is the leader of the project: it is Lumen, the social promotion association that develops and manages the activities of Casa Corsini (FabLab, FabLab Junior, Coworking and Music Factory) on behalf of the Municipality of Fiorano Modenese. The other Italian partner is Aretés, a Modenese company active in applied research.

At least 18 educators and teachers and about 140 girls and boys aged 12 to 17 will be involved in each of the countries. In summary, the project initially envisages a listening path and a survey to collect needs, ideas, proposals, needs and what is useful for defining the model. Subsequently, the intervention model will be created for the use of which participating teachers and educators will be adequately trained: then, the experimentation in schools will begin to arrive at the subsequent validation of the model.

At the end of the course, the intervention model will be available online for everyone, in 5 languages: a tested and validated platform, containing traces, lessons, videos, information sheets that can be used to inform, involve, raise awareness among children against online gender violence.

All schools, youth centers, structures and teachers and educators in the province of Modena can participate for free in project activities.