Lumen: Model pre-testing and validation

Italy – Pre-testing 1

It was held on 13/10/2020 with 7 young people: 4 girls and 3 boys aged 12-14 (except one who was 17 but with Attention Deficit Disorder) and 1 educator.

They tested Workshop n. 1 “Gender stereotypes and objectification of girls”.

ACTIVITY READER: participants have to write what comes to their mind when they read screen the words ““gender”, “stereotype” and “objectification”.
Difficult, they don’t know what they mean. Even after the explanation given, they found it difficult to make the exercise.
Objectification reminds them of objects (car, ball, etc.)

  • Stereotype: they don’t know the meaning.
  • Gender: more understandable, but also in this case some mistakes (e.g. music genders)
  • Videos: they watched both, but probably the one for 15-17 years old is clearer and more evocative. In the other one they had to read the translation and this decreases the emotional impact.


  1. Activity 1. The participants should stand up in a line and move on the right or on the left to express if the agree or not with a sentence. They liked the activity.
  2. Activity 2. Participants saw examples about girls objectification taken from posters,. Adds, etc. and talk about their opinion. They liked the activity.

The participants are going to have little papers (post-its) of 3 different colors. Each color represents an aspect of the workshop:

  • -Yellow: Learning on gender stereotypes and girl objectification
  • -Green: Development of the activities and types of activities
  • -Pink: How can we improve the situation of these problems.

This was difficult for them, especially the green post-it
General considerations: 2 hours are the right length.

The educators found it a bit “static” (except for the exercise of the standing up in a line and move). Maybe this perception was due to the fact that they are a youth center and usually make dynamic activities. Maybe for a school, where young people make more static activity, this will seem more dynamic.

Feedback about WP4 questionnaire

It was difficult to understand for this age. How could we introduce the questionnaire in a friendly way?

They answered quickly the questions with emoticons.