Paraskevi Delikari

Ioannis Chaniotakis

Griechisces Gymnasium & Lyceum of Dortmund, Germany

We are two teachers of Greek Literature, we are going to engage our pupils of the second class of the Greek Lyceum of Dortmund in the Program “ON OFF” (14 pupils, 7 girls and 7 boys, 16-17 years old). We are strongly convinced about the need of such programs at the secondary level of education as the internet services are incorporated in the everyday life of the young people today. It would be very useful for them to learn to recognize and to fight against gender discrimination whenever they are exposed to such a situation. Both of us we are trained to recognize such gender issues and we are very much concerned to be part of this Program as our school has a huge luck of inspiration on such issues and it has pupils of low income classes with migrant background.

We are also, as a school for the Greek community (minority) of Dortmund, isolated of the cultural life of the Deutsch and other communities, so the interaction with the other schools engaged in this Program will be a great opportunity for our pupils to be exposed to a multicultural educational (and not only) experience.

We have also considered our school’s participation in this Program as an opportunity of incorporating the gender issue in the Didactics of Greek Literature, History and ICT.