General Lyceum of Proastio Karditsa

General Lyceum of Proastio is a secondary school located at the town of Proastio in the district of Karditsa. Our school has seventy students ( age 15-18), which come from the town of Proastio and seven villages around. The area is rural and some of our students both work at farms and try hard to go for studies. A lot of migrant workers, especially Albanians, live and work nearby Proastio. We have no refugees, but many foreign students come to our school. They are mostly Albanians. The low biotic and cultural level of our students motivate us, their teachers, to:

  • empower their self-awareness ,
  • give them innovative ideas,
  • inspire them to study, to be active and look for a better life,
  • make them tolerant,
  • direct them to be respectful towards democratic principles and human rights. 

Especially, we are eager to participate to innovative national and international projects, because we aim our students to become civic minded and feel active citizens of Europe and citizens of the world.

Teacher: Skabardoni Agoritsa

Contact with the teacher

My name is Skabardoni Agoritsa and I teach politics at General Lyceum of Proastio. This course gives me the chance to give my students deep Knowledge of the society, Laws, Democracy, Racism, multiculturalism, human rights e.t.c. and motivate them to be active, tolerant citizens with rights and obligations. Therefore, I try to combine the formal and informal experiential teaching in order to make them active, cooperative, creative, qualified for their adult life, skillful and finally better citizens of the next generation’s society.