Aretés s.c.a.r.l.

Since 1999, Aretés has developed a specific expertise in research, project development and management by providing participatory intervention methods and solutions characterized by innovation logic.
In particular, the main themes are the following: applied research, development and management of European projects, organizational consultancy, marketing and communication. The new frontiers of Aretés are those of social innovation, fundraising and social web, which are summarized in recent European projects in which it has participated and which concern the effective and efficient use of new technologies within public and private organizations.
Aretés, in its twenty-year experience on the market, has carried out several researches at national and local level. It has worked with Municipalities, Unions of Municipalities, Provinces and Regions, it has collaborated with Health Companies, Service Centers for Volunteering and Caritas. On the private side, Aretés has also carried out consultancy activities for private organizations and trade associations.
Aretés has collaborated in the development of different European projects (Erasmus+, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship, Europe for Citizens), Structural Funds (ESF), European Territorial Cooperation programs (Central Europe, IPA CBC Italia-Albania-Montenegro).
The staff involved has expertise in Media Education, SocioTherapy and EU projects.
In particular, on the issues of digital and learning methodologies in the last period it supported the coordination of an Erasmus+ KA2 project (Strategic Partnership in the Youth field) on the use of the smartphone for educational purposes and it is the lead partner in another Erasmus+ KA2 project (Strategic Partnership in the Adult Education) on the realization of digital tools, open source teaching resources, innovative learning methodologies and set of digital assessment tools (e-assessment) that facilitate the task of the educators in involving target of adults most at risk of social exclusion.